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One day last summer, I got a letter in the mail that blew me away. It was a bill from my power company, and I couldn't believe how much power it said that we had used. I didn't know what to do, but I knew that we had to do something. That day, we made the decision as a family to reduce our carbon footprint by using less power. We started turning off the television when it wasn't in use, switching off lights, and eliminating extra plugged in appliances. It seemed like a big sacrifice at first, but after awhile we started to realize that it was going to make things a lot better. Check out this blog for ideas on how you can use energy more effectively.


Three Key Safety Measures For Your Propane Use

16 November 2015
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Propane is a very viable energy source to use in your business and can provide you with tremendous benefits and efficiency. However, as with any fuel type, this comes with a variety of hazards that you will need to keep in mind and avoid at all costs. These hazards can put health and lives at risk, so you must adhere to some safety principles that can help you dearly. With this in mind, read below and take full advantage of these tips for propane safety and risk avoidance. Read More …

Tips For Checking For Propane Tank Leaks

28 October 2015
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In order to make sure that you are not wasting a lot of propane, you will need to do what you can to keep an eye out for leaks around the propane tank. To help you do this, you are going to want to take a few moments to review the following tips. Use Cardboard On a dry day, place a piece of cardboard on the ground under the propane tank. Read More …

Taking A Closer Look At The Benefits Of Propane In Crop-Drying Applications

5 October 2015
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When you are in the business of farming, you may not always be able to count on the weather and humidity to create the ideal atmosphere for drying off the crops that you have harvested. This is why so many farmers rely on crop-drying systems in their everyday operations. By using heat and dehumidified air, the crops and grains that have been harvested and stored can be maintained at a moisture level that wards off mold and rot. Read More …

Finding More Uses For Propane Fuel

30 September 2015
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As a homeowner, you use propane for your home heating system. The fuel has been good to you and has kept you and your loved ones warm for years.  Your propane delivery company has been filling your tank to approximately 60 percent of capacity, which is the sweet spot for them in terms of revenue flow. However, you'd like to justify larger fuel deliveries. This will keep your costs down in the long run because it will cut down on emergency fuel requests. Read More …

3 Things To Do If You Break A Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb In Your Home

25 September 2015
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Compact fluorescent light bulbs, also called CFL bulbs, can be an excellent choice if you are trying to conserve energy costs in your home. They are safe to use and last a long time. However, because the tubing in these bulbs have a tiny bit of mercury in them, it is important to handle a broken CFL bulb safely. Here are some things to remember to do if you break one of these light bulbs in your house. Read More …