Finding More Uses For Propane Fuel

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Finding More Uses For Propane Fuel

30 September 2015
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As a homeowner, you use propane for your home heating system. The fuel has been good to you and has kept you and your loved ones warm for years. 

Your propane delivery company has been filling your tank to approximately 60 percent of capacity, which is the sweet spot for them in terms of revenue flow. However, you'd like to justify larger fuel deliveries. This will keep your costs down in the long run because it will cut down on emergency fuel requests. At-will deliveries cost more than scheduled trips. 

You'd like to discover additional applications for propane fuel so you can streamline the delivery process and make it more efficient for you and your family. Here are a few more ways you can use propane fuel in your home. 

Water Heater

Invest in a propane water heater. It is an investment because at first you'll have to spring for the water heater, unit installation and any necessary venting to keep you and your family safe. Once the heater is installed, however, you will experience immediate benefits.

Manufacturers are making these units with the utmost efficiency. The water heater will place a light demand on the fuel, and your supply will last you longer than you might expect. 

Also, modern propane units are extremely powerful and can generate more intense heat than a traditional water heater. You will find that there is more hot water available for multiple showers at once or to run the dishwasher and washing machine simultaneously.

Just be prepared to wait a few moments before the hot water reaches the spigot. It takes a little time for the water to heat up each time you turn it on.    


If your home is without a fireplace, the addition of a standalone propane fireplace won't just keep you warm and cozy. It's also aesthetically appealing and will add to the decor of your living space.

For a home that already has a traditional fireplace, have the fixture converted so that it runs on propane fuel. You won't have to actually light the logs in the fireplace, but the unit will give the appearance of a real fire burning.

You control the intensity of the fire, including how high the flames travel and the amount of heat the unit releases. Also, installers can hook up the fireplace to other heat ducts throughout your home so that the entire family can benefit from the warmth being released from the propane fireplace.

For more information, contact Anderson's Propane or a similar company.