Using LED High Bay Lights In Your Business

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Using LED High Bay Lights In Your Business

16 March 2022
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Lighting the interior of your business's building can be an important responsibility if you are to provide a safe area where your workers can be productive. Unfortunately, lighting the interior of a large commercial building can be costly due to the amount of space that may be in it. While LED high bay lights can be an effective way of reducing the costs of lighting your building's interior, it can be difficult to choose to invest in these systems if you are being misled by some common misconceptions.

Myth: LED Lights Are Not Bright Enough To Be Used In Bay Lights

One of the assumptions that people will make about high bay LED lights is that they will be far too dull to be able to effectively be used in high bay style lights. However, this is not the case as modern LED lighting options can be extremely bright. In fact, they may even have a comparable brightness to fluorescent or incandescent lights. Despite producing comparable amounts of light, these fixtures will require a fraction of the power that is needed, and this will dramatically lower the costs of lighting the interior of your building.

Myth: LED Options Only Come In A Limited Range Of Light Color Temperatures

Another misleading notion about LED high bay lights is that they may only be available in a limited range of color temperatures. Considering that this is an important feature in determining the look of the interior of the building, it is not surprising that this assumption could lead to people avoiding this option. However, LED lights are available in the full range of color temperature ranges. Whether you are wanting to have lights that are more blue or orange, there will be LED options with the color temperature that is needed to satisfy this requirement.

Myth: An LED Light Systems Always Require Specialized Fixtures To Be Installed

While it is possible to install new fixtures for your LED high bay lights, this is not always necessary. There are many LED options that are designed to work with traditional or standard lighting fixtures. This can enable your business to take advantage of this lighting option without having to invest considerable resources into replacing the lighting fixtures that you currently have installed. However, it should be noted that upgrading to high bay lights that are designed for use with LEDs may provide you with better efficiency as these fixtures will be designed for the lower electrical requirements of LEDs.