Three Common Solar Battery Myths

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Three Common Solar Battery Myths

2 December 2021
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Adding a solar power system to your home can be a step that will reduce your home's energy costs and help to limit the environmental impact the home has. While the panels that collect the sunlight can be one of the most visible parts of these systems, the batteries that they will utilize can also be essential, but there are some common pieces of misinformation that people will assume about these components.  

Myth: Solar Batteries Can Only Provide Partial Power For Your Home

With advances in battery capacity, it is now fairly affordable for a homeowner to choose to invest in batteries that are able to fully power their homes during the overnight hours. When deciding on a type of battery to install for your solar panels, it is important to be able to estimate the total amount of energy that your home will need for all of its appliances and other items. Without this information, it can be extremely difficult to effectively estimate the amount of capacity that your solar batteries will need to support.

Myth: A Solar System's Batteries Will Have Short Lifespans

Another assumption that people will have concerning their solar batteries will be the lifespan of these devices. While many batteries will degrade fairly rapidly from regular use, this is not the case when it comes to solar batteries. Rather, these batteries are capable of lasting for up to a decade or longer before they will degrade enough to warrant replacement. While these batteries can have a long effective lifespan, they should still be inspected and tested regularly to ensure that they are still able to effectively retain a charge. Fortunately, your home's solar power system will likely include a testing mode that can be used to ensure the batteries are still operating efficiently.

Myth: Solar Batteries Will Be Difficult To Store In A Home

While a solar battery system will have a high capacity, you should avoid assuming that it will be difficult to fit it in your home. Rather, these batteries systems are relatively compact, which can make it possible to easily store them in an out-of-the-way area of the home. Some homeowners may be tempted to store these batteries in the basement, but this is only advisable if the basement has been waterproofed. Otherwise, high moisture levels could lead to the solar batteries rapidly deteriorating. An experienced solar battery installation service will be able to assist you with evaluating and determining the best location for your solar batteries to be placed.

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